What To Expect After A Commercial Truck Accident

In Texas, all commercial trucking accidents require additional investigations. The reason for this is that these vehicles are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This administration creates laws pertaining to how and when the trucks are operated. A local fort worth law firm represents victims who sustain injuries due to non-compliance with these regulations.

Was the Driver Under the Influence?

Chemical testing is necessary for all commercial truck drivers. Any commercial driver who has a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.4 percent are guilty of a DUI. Equally, any commercial driver who is under the influence of controlled substances is also guilty. State laws don't identify consumption of over-the-counter medication as DUI, it is a violation for other federal agencies.

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Were All Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Followed?

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration issues violations for taking stimulants to driver for longer periods car wreck lawyer. They also identify operating hours for these drivers. They cannot exceed a twelve-hour drive without at least an eight-hour resting period. After an accident, the logs for these drivers are evaluated. Any non-compliance with these laws could deem then at fault in an accident.

Identifying Exterior Causes for the Accident

Exterior causes for the accident could include faulty repairs or parts for the commercial truck. The truck is inspected after the accident to identify these conditions. When these factors are present, the mechanic and the parts manufacturers may have a contributing role in causing the accident. The exact cause of the accident identified after the investigation determines the defendant in a lawsuit.

Who is Deemed Liable?

The trucking company is at fault if one of their drivers caused the accident. Despite the reason, the trucking company is liable for their actions and the outcome of the accident. However, this isn't the case for independent drivers.

In Texas, all commercial trucking accidents require an extensive investigation. The officers must determine how the accident happened and identify who was at fault. The commercial truck is often impounded and the driver is tested for alcohol and controlled substances. Victims of these accidents should contact a car wreck lawyer for more information today.